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Induction Pipe Bender For Sale

Special clamps and PLC control achieve automatic control bending position and angle. Non-standard customized type machine to meet customer personalized needs.

Product Description

Product Description

1. Introduction:

The Hot Induction Pipe Bender equipment is non-standard special use equipment suitable for equal diameter steel pipes to continuously produce kinds of bended pipes with kinds of diameters especially for large diameters.

2. Induction Pipe Bender is suitable for the material carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel, especially suitable for the manufacture of oil and gas transfer pipe bends work in deep sea.

3.Equipment advantage and main features:

1) automatically detect the bending angle of pipe with an angle sensor.

2) the bending radius can be adjusted automatically.

3) heating temperature testing with a far infrared thermometer

4) Easy operation with PLC control

5) Main hydraulic valve parts adopt international standard Rexroth series products.

1) The electrical elements adopt Siemens product.

2) Equipped with touch screen with famous brand MCGS.

The equipment can be designed and manufactured according to user's required technical parameters such as bend diameter, wall thickness and radius. Welcome to  contact us to get a detailed offer!

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