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Thermal Expansion Pipe Technology

Jun. 25, 2021


Thermal Expansion Pipe Technology


Medium frequency induction pipe expansion equipment is the most economic and advanced technology for non-standard large seamless steel pipe production in the world. 




                 Thermal Expansion Pipe Technology



I would like to introduce the main

principle of our patent Thermal

Expansion Pipe  Machine. 

It adopts medium frequency

induction to heat mother pipe, and

through the inner mandrel to 

reshape into a larger diameter steel







Thermal Expansion Pipe Technology

The main advantage of thermal expansion pipe machine: 

1. Meet users’needs of small batch and multi-specification steel pipes.

2. Applicable to multiple material of pipes and keep the original pipes performance unchanged.

3. One person can operate.

4. Small investment and high return.


The thermal expansion pipe equipment is the necessary special equipment for steel pipe processing enterprises, and has developed into a new industry - thermal expansion pipe industry.




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